Merchant Services

PayWorld is one the internet’s leading providers of Merchant Accounts for businesses and individuals who wish to trade online safely and securely with credit card payments for goods that they offer on their website.

Service with a difference

We can provide merchant accounts for all types of ecommerce businesses- whether they are a high risk, medium risk or low risk businesses or, merchants requiring offshore banking for taxation benefits. The merchant's business can be delivering products to customers by postal delivery or membership access or electronic downloadable products

Offshore merchant accounts

PayWorld set no upper limit for the amount that a merchant can process through us. You can also enjoy the benefits of offshore banking – we can make this possible

Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway can me configured to many acquiring banks across the world so all you need to do is tell us where you would like your money deposited and we will do exactly that.

Low Risk Merchant Accounts

We can provide merchant account services for businesses classed as ‘low risk’, these are businesses that may already transact online but require more versatile merchant account solutions, as well as providing lower card processing rates.

- Online Ecommerce websites, Retail Businesses,
   Flea Markets, Trade Shows, Mail Order


- Internet Sales, Phone Order.

- And any other merchant accounts with a low
   possibility of high chargeback's or refund

High Risk Merchant Accounts

We can provide merchant account services for businesses classed as ‘high risk’, these can include merchant accounts for:

- Adult Service Providers, Online Dating, Online
  Replica products, Travel, International Call
  Centres, E-Wallet / E-Cash

- Voice Over IP,  Web Hosting,

  Downloadable software, Telemarketing, Pre-paid

- Phone Card, MOTO, Herbal, Online Tobacco,
  Recurring billing or Subscription

Also, other merchant accounts with a possible potential of high chargeback's or refund possibility.

Dedicated Customer Service

We are aware that due to the competitiveness between all the merchant account providers the industry is a cut throat business and therefore the quality of customer service is not every providers main objective. We appreciate that business is successful not only because it delivers great products and services but also that it maintains a high standard of after sales service and support.

Therefore we provide telephone support directly to our US and UK Customer Support team, as well as email service. We try to make your experience with us, the best possible as well as being pleasant.

Secure Credit Card Processing

 We understand how important secure credit card processing is within online ecommerce businesses to gain your customers' trust to be able to transact with you safely. We can allow merchants to accept online credit cards such as MasterCard, visa, American Express all in real time. Our systems allow these transaction to take place online using secure socket layer SSL technology.


Internet Gateway Integration

Our Technical team and Customer Service agents can provide you with the Payment Gateway Integration source code as well as the documentation. They can also help you with the integration process, if needed.  Most merchants find that the integration is fairly simple to implement. Our gateway integration is compatible with all websites written in any language, as your website would be configured to post the payment data to our gateway through an XML API. Please enquire if you would like to find out more.

Transaction Fraud Scrubbing

 All transactions undergo a thorough fraud scrubbing process at the point of sale, or whilst the online checking takes place during the authorisation process. This will check the customer’s details - such as name and address and will minimise any fraudulent transactions.

Virtual Terminal

With our Virtual Terminal all our merchants require is a computer with an internet connection, they will be able to take credit / debit card payments in real time. No additional software or hardware is required, and set-up time in hours.