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PayWorld company background

PayWorld is a subsidiary of Frontline, a company that has been developing and offering Business IT Solutions since 1989.

PayWorld was formed to fill a gap in the marketplace to provide a secure online payment system for low, medium and high risk businesses, backed up with low rates for merchants and a high quality of technical and ongoing support services. Our commitment to clients is to deliver a high quality of service regardless of the size of the business.


With our substantial investment in infrastructure over several years and the development of key, strategic alliances with financial institutions, we can offer bespoke ecommerce solutions that fit your business exactly. Our products and services are focused on maximizing your profit by offering low rates and highest fraud protection. By working closely with select business partners we can effectively control each transaction as it is processed, so that the quality of our risk management is never compromised.


Today we server many businesses, from start-ups through established online merchants to global businesses.